Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I can't get there fast enough..

Oh how much has changed since I have last posted...
I arrived safe in America and I am slowly bus surely getting back into the ways of life here. You might think it should be easy, I have lived here all my life right? It is not truly is not! During my first weeks home not only did the time change completly wreck havock on my body and sleep, but, my heart. I ached for those small faces I left behind more and more each day. I found myself slipping Luganda words into my everyday language or making a joke that only some one in Uganda might get. Every one of those things were small little reminders of where my heart is. I still feel that way of course. I still find myself laying awake wishing I could walk a short distance and just give a little kiss to a sleeping baby or see a smile from a beautiful Auntie. To be very vulnerable, I find myself wondering where I fit back into the web of my friends and family. So much changes when you are gone.

One thing that hasn't changed is my desire to be in Africa. I have been given an offer to come back in January. My answer is evident. There are so many different emotions this time around. How will it be when I come home from being gone so long again? Will it be even harder to leave this time? How on earth will I raise the money this time around? But, I stand faithful. I have a faith that not only can God do it, but he will!

So, I ask...Will you help me make it back? Can you donate a one time gift or even a monthly gift? Can you donate airmiles? Do you have fundraising ideas?

When I say any little thing helps I mean it! It means more that I could EVER tell you.
Please feel free to contact me at:
I also plan to set up a Paypal account for online donations and an online store where I will be selling items I brought home from Africa.