Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Taking Root...

  In just one short week I will be stepping off a plane in America. The thought just seems unreal! Three months passed in what seems like three weeks. I never imagined on those days when I just wanted to get here so bad that it hurt to be patient that I would be where I am and who I am today. That all seems so long ago.. I never imagined I would be shown the support that has been given to me, making this trip what it has been. All of your prayers, I am thinking of you’s, and both monetary and material donations make such a huge impact. For that I can’t say enough thank you’s!

  The day I got on that plane those three short months ago I never thought I would be so broken to get on the return plane. I never thought when I hugged my family bye before security that I would be hugging another family bye here. I never imagined that I would start calling Africa home. When I first arrived I never thought I would make such great friends. I never thought this routine would become more than that, it would become my life. I never thought I would be running the house by myself many days and feeling at home and normal doing it. I never imagined I would learn so much from people with far less education than me, the things that really matter. I certainly never thought I would ever be able to understand the broken heavily accented English of Ugandans, but now I find myself speaking the same. I find myself forgetting things about America, like which side of the road we really do drive on. Everything about me has changed, and I don’t want that to go away.

  I couldn’t begin to tell you what this trip has been to me, or tell you the names and stories of all of the people I have fallen in love with. I wish I could just project my memories of these past three months onto a video for all of you to see. Your hearts would be broken and your eyes would be open. My heart has planted roots here and they are slowly becoming deeper and deeper. Uganda has become more than something I am doing for short but, in these past three months, it has become what I do. Even as I write this tears stream down my face. These tears come from a need and desire to still be here or to get back as soon as I can. They come from the brokenness of the things I have seen here. They come because I truly do not know how to tell you everything I have learned that I wish you too could learn.

  So once again..I thank you for your support and your prayers. I thank you for being a part of my journey this far! I pray that you continue to go to our father on behalf of Serving His Children and me. Pray that God would get me back here when and with whom he has planned. Pray that his love would continue to shine bright in the house and his strength would pour out in that little red room down in Massese. Pray that as Serving His Children contines to grow that everyone involved grows closer to our heavenly father!

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