Tuesday, June 7, 2011


   One week ago at about 7:00pm I stepped on the verandah of the Serving His Children compound to watch six, yes six, women toting their sick babies step out of Renee's car one by one. They arrived after a long day of travel and waiting at the health center where they were found. Those six moms and babies also arrived with four siblings, two of which are still in the womb but could be here any day. To be quiet honest my first emotion was fear. The very thing my God doesn't want me to do. What did I have to fear? Nothing. I have a promise and a reason to trust my heavenly father, he is always with me. I then felt love flood right back into all of those cracks. A love of a merciful God who brought these children to us, a love for these moms who had enough left in them to bring their babies to the health center. I watched silently in the midst of finishing the other children's bed time routine as they ate a meal, a meal that might have been the first substantial thing in their bodies in days. I watches as Renee places IV's in each baby, something they most likely wouldn't have received yet if they were still sitting in that clinic. I took their arrival pictures and my heart broke for each one more and more..ones swollen feet bigger than the next or ones tiny body more frail than the last. The babies and their moms settled in for a sleep somewhere dry, somewhere clean, somewhere soft, and somewhere safe. I can't imagine th feeling. I can't imagine why I would ever feel fear. I was now overcome with compassion and the desire to be a servant.
Fast forward two days..Three more babies and three more moms strolled out of the same car. This time I knew no fear, just that overwhelming compassion.

Fast forward two days..Three more babies and trhee more moms strolled out of the same car. This time I knew no fear.

In the midst of three days Serving His Children has nine new patients.

Meet the 9 newest peices of my heart.

Daniel has stolen my heart, and his tiny little body breaks it. Just as I sit down to write this I must consistently check his temperature to make sure his tiny frail body isn't too cold.
Sadrak has some very bad kwashiorkor! His little feet are some of the worst I have seen and he does not like me around him too much.
Ester might break my heart more than any of these new babies. She has kwashiorkor so bad her sores are completely open and bleed even in her mouth. She also has a terrible ear infection that has been untreated so long it is taking over.
This little boy also has very bad kwashiorkor and likes his personal space.
Tonny is 1 year old. He doesn’t like many people but his mom right now, but I imagine that will change very soon.
Anita, there is no doubt the girl has a set of lungs. I would be almost 100% positive that she can scream higher and louder than anyone else in Uganda. But, her cuteness certainly makes up for it.
Sandra eats well, and I have even seen her smile! I hope she picks up very fast.
A cute name for a very cute little girl! I can’t wait to see her as she begins to heal.

I could write a book about the love I have for each one of these children. I could write an even longer one about everyday here and what a blessing it is, even if those days are in the midst of a storm.
Please Pray for the Precious Babies!
There is only one word for Joel, ADORABLE! He loves to be held tight and is going to have a very fun personality, I can just tell.