Thursday, April 28, 2011


“There’s a man down here somewhere between the Saturday cartoons and the dirty magazines. He is raising the dead in the graveyards where we’ve laid down our dreams, and his name is HOPE.”
-John Mark McMillan, Between the Cracks

I see hope. I look around at the pain here and I see hope. I don’t see the hopes that I use to hope for, I see hope for a better tomorrow. When I first got here I couldn’t understand why these people weren’t angry with God, and why I was hurt because I have so much and most around me literally have nothing. But as I sat listening to this song of hope a few nights ago I realized when you have nothing but hope you have nothing but Jesus! When we lay down our personal desires and desire the heart of Jesus we are filled with hope. The hope comes along with assurance that whether we have three full meals tomorrow or not we will one day meet our Father. When I first got here I saw the beauty that was masked with great despair, but my eyes are changing. I am seeing more beauty every day, I am falling more in love with Uganda every day.

This is Uganda, a place for hope...

Also, a side note and great praise. Almost all of the children are growing and improving greatly. It is so incredible to watch them become happy and well.

This was Faleda when I arrived...she cried when you came near and she struggled to walk.

This is Faleda now..she laughs and plays with other kids, she even runs.

God is good, thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray!!
I challenge you to change your sights of the world around you, see the beauty, see the hope.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh Africa..

Uganda..the place of livestock, food my body doesn’t like, precious babies, much different time zones, beautiful weather, dirty feet, a little baby pee on your clothes, muzungoz, and so so much more! I love it!
During my first week I have fell in love with so many people. It certainly makes the flight worth it, because trust me, it is not a flight I would do for many more reasons. My body did not take to all of the jet lag and change in diet so well, but, I am now much better.
I wish so badly I had the time and patience to write to you every story I want to write. There are just too many. I wish I could tell you about each and every baby here, but, there is just not the time.  One of the characters I met was IdI, and a character he was! He is one of the older boys and has grown leaps and bounds. Unfortunately for me his happy room brightening smile is now home. I already miss his laugh and great personality

Another one of our happy characters with a most beautiful smile is Lucia, who is the sister and caretaker of her brother Jerimiah. Her sister is also staying at serving his children, and though she is slightly shy, she is such a blessing to have around as well! (Unfortunately and fortunately since I wrote this blog they have went home.)
Unfortunately and inevitably there are not only happy faces around. We have some very ill children! One of which is Teddy who has been in the program for some time now. Teddy is paralyzed and it truly breaks her mama’s heart. Mama Teddy tells me stories from when Teddy was well and the pain is visible. The pain is visible everywhere here. Mama Teddy does not fully grasp internet, but, when I tell her people all over the world are praying for Teddy she smiles, and says for me to ask again. So please say a prayer for Teddy!
Two more of our sick children with very great need are Faleda and Rachel. Faleda is so very swollen from kidney failure and her skin has so many sores it brings her great pain to be moved. Rachel is new. Renee got a call about her and we drove a great distance away. While the drive was beautiful and Uganda has many great sights there was such poverty. No matter how you think to prepare yourself it still breaks your heart. When we finally got to Rachel you wanted to run to her. Now, After evaluation from the local doctors and a few days at SHC Renee decided to take her to Kampala Hospital. She is in heart failure and is now back at our house where we are loving her and doing the best we can. All we know to do is pray, please pray. 
(I unfortunately do not have a photo of Faleda and it is also very time consuming to load pictures)

Again, I say I wish I could write about each sick child but it is not possible. I just ask for you to pray for all of them. Continue to pray for me, it is felt, pray for patience in some situations, and continued healing and health for my body. Pray for peace for all of the hurting here!